LIGA FEM "The soccer field for us"

The  Liga FEM is a social project which attempts to empower young girls from the age of 12 to 18 years living in social exclusion so that they have more personal and collective tools to fight for their rights and a life without violence. To reach this goal, Seprojoven has established pedagogical events such as football trainings, especially with the methodology of street football, as well as socio-educative and artistic actions.

The aim of this project is to develop a complete community process, to prevent violence against women and to allow women’s rights to be respected.

In the LIGA FEM, girls and adolescents receive football training and educational workshops in the subjects of self-esteem, sexuality, conflict resolution, and the importance of humanistic values such as respect, empathy, and compassion. With the implementation of socio-educative activities and workshops, the young women of the Liga FEM are developing skills for self-advocacy and confrontation of their personal and communal contexts.

Currently the LIGA FEM takes place in four urban communities of the area of San José: Guararí.