Colectivo Bienestar y Migraciones Costa Rica: For a human mobility: Voluntary, protective and dignified 5 priorities for the upcoming areas of conflict in 2019

18th December 2018 International Day of Migrants

  For a human mobility: Voluntary, protective and dignified 5 priorities for the upcoming areas of conflict in 2019                Commonweal and Migration Costa Rica   1. Forcefully we will advance in the changes which the normative migration of Costa Rica and other legislative organs require, like in the effective observance ofthe national laws and the international instruments, which obligate the state of Costa Rica to guarantee the protection of human rights for people who were forced to migrate and to ensure the necessary international protection, which brought them in the country. 2. We will reinforce the relations with new actors on a national and international level, like participants or contributorsof the community (specialists, groups of migrants and refugees, personalities of carriers and others) with the result to add the best will, capacity, transparency and credibility for each of the actions we run on the way. 3. We won’t give truce to the xenophobia or every other form of discrimination, which is manifested in the country, as well in the political and institutional room as in the local and communicational media. We evidently make space for the absolute refusal of hate, the neofascism and violence in Costa Rica. From the year one, we support collective actions of public complaint and the promotion of education in inevitable values for the peaceful cohabitation.  4.We will act decidedly against arbitrariness and abuses which cause damages to the people who were forced to migrate, so that the access to the justice in the constitution of Costa Rica is available, like public complaints in the international forums. We will continue our work with special attention to the critical situation, with which female migrants and refugees are confronted. 5. We will keep constructing aside the migrants and refugees in Costa Rica, because their voice, their dreams, their demands, their contributions, their joys and over all their bravery, drives the collaborative work of the organizations, which shape this community.   Asociación de Trabajadoras Domésticas (ASTRADOMES)-Red de mujeres nicaragüenses en Costa Rica (RED DE MUJERES)-Pastoral Social Cáritas de la Diócesis de Ciudad Quesada (PASTORAL SOCIAL)-Partido de los Trabajadores (PT)-Centro de Derechos Sociales de la persona migrante (CENDEROS) -Servicio Jesuita para Migrantes Costa Rica (SJM-CR)- Centro de Investigación en Cultura y Desarrollo (CICDE-UNED)- Centro Feminista de Información y Acción (CEFEMINA) - Asociación Merienda y Zapatos (MyZ)- Servicios de Educación y Promoción Juvenil (SEPROJOVEN) - Hermanas Scalabrianas de Costa Rica